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Our History:
The Roxy Theatre 1927
Roxy Cleaners has been a historical landmark of the Saint Paul area since 1944; when two immigrants from New York resettled in this area. In trying to determine a business name for their new venture into the business world of America, the memories of looking out of their hotel window in New York, NY, to the Roxy Theatre;, which was a grand 6,214 seat movie theater, was a very pleasurable experience.

The Roxy Theater's box office was located in the Hotel Taft on a corner retail space, most recently occupied by a restaurant. The actual theater was built on a parking lot behind the hotel. While the Roxy was an important venue for major Hollywood films, it was especially noted for its stage shows, featuring the original "Roxyettes", which became the Rockettes when they moved to the Radio City Music Hall in 1932.

Roxy Cleaners is also located on a corner retail space, set among a small group of neighborhood businesses in a historical area of Saint Paul. While Roxy Cleaners has never been an important venue for major Hollywood films, it has been noted for their friendly service, frequented by it's own "Roxyettes" customers; which have utilized the services of Roxy Cleaners in the Heart of Saint Paul since 1944.
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Roxy Cleaners
Roxy Cleaners
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